The Anosh Inc Foundation A Night for Morocco, Libya, and Hawaii Gala


A Night of Compassion: Anosh Inc Foundation Gala Raises $150,000 for Natural Disaster Relief in Morocco, Libya, and Hawaii

The Anosh Inc Foundation hosted “A Night for Morocco, Libya, and Hawaii,” a gala with a mission to raise funds for the recent natural disasters in these regions. The night was filled with culture and compassion, featuring a live performance by Hawaiian dancers, a talented oud player, an exciting silent auction, and a diverse lineup of local Houston vendors. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, the Anosh Inc Foundation raised over $75,000! Dr. Anosh Ahmed generously matched the donation further amplifying the total of the fundraiser to $150,000. These funds have been donated to victims devastated by these catastrophic natural disasters through organizations such as Direct Relief and UNICEF.

"A Night for Morocco, Libya, and Hawaii Gala"

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